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Adjunct Action Twin Cities

Adjuncts in the Twin Cities area – like adjuncts everywhere – know that work doesn’t stop at the classroom door, but pay and benefits often do. We believe that by forming a union with SEIU, we can build a strong voice to raise professional standards and improve the quality of education.

National Adjunct Compensation Survey

How many hours do you work for every course you teach? Considering the preparation, student correspondence and other work for your students, the answer is probably more than your employer would like to admit but it’s a question that can help improve your work life and many other adjunct and part-time faculty members. Tell us your story to help raise standards in higher education.


Take Action on Adjunct Issues

The crisis in higher education requires everyone to get involved to improve standards for adjunct faculty and learning conditions for students. Go here for ways to support the movement.

Adjunct Action News

  • Boston University Adjunct Faculty Announce Union Election Filing

    Adjunct faculty at Boston University announced that they have filed for a union election to join SEIU Local 509 as part of the regional and national Adjunct Action campaign to raise standards in higher education. Boston University adjuncts are continuing to build support while taking an important step towards a vote to join colleagues at […]
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  • Adjunct Faculty at Washington University in St. Louis File for Union Election

    Adjunct and contingent faculty at Washington University announced today that they have filed for a union election as part of a national movement that is raising standards in higher education. Forty-four percent of faculty in St. Louis area private, non-profit colleges and universities work part time and 73 percent of all faculty are not on […]
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  • Tufts University Part-time Lecturers Approve Landmark First Contract

    Tufts University part-time faculty have overwhelmingly approved a landmark first union contract that covers roughly 200 part-time instructional faculty. The three-year agreement makes groundbreaking progress in job stability, includes a significant increase in per course pay and establishes new pathways for professional development. In September 2013, Tufts part-time lecturers were the first Boston area faculty […]
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